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Captain So-So 

Always eager to jump into adventure, Captain So-So frequently forgets that ‘adventure’ often involves peril, which can and does lead to him running away in terror. His natural curiosity and penchant to mix up popular phrases with pop-culture references always makes him an amusing asset to any superhero battle. His ‘supermom’ strength is useful in moving hideabeds and opening pickle jars, while his hover flight ability allows him to sidestep wet feet in any flooding situation.

Mister Maybe

Often called “curmudgeonly” by Captain So-So, Mister Maybe would always rather be watching tv than fighting evil. However, once the call for justice has begun, Maybe will see it through to the bitter end, complaining the entire time. His powers include super-speed-walking, a power that gives him a huge advantage especially during Black Friday door crasher sales. He also has slightly enhanced hearing, which lets him pinpoint exactly which episodes of ‘Star Trek’ his neighbours down the hall are watching.


Known as “The Might in the Skies”, Superiora is a superhero powerhouse. Super-strength, invulnerability, flight, and her Destructo-vision laser eye beams place her in the upper echelon class of costumed adventurers. Unfortunately for her, she remains perpetually overworked and criminally under-appreciated. She’s also a talented seamstress, a fan of electronic dance music, and despite all evidence to the contrary, does NOT own any cats.

The Super-Losers

These super-trainees join Captain So-So and Mister Maybe in their journey to become better heroes. Written off as “ineffective”, they set out to prove their worth, both the the public and themselves. Cardboarddior has many useful heroic powers, but they’re all contained in a ridiculous-looking box-based armour designed by his young niece. Air Beats Rock can shoot sound waves from an invisible guitar, but lacks control over their powers and would rather talk about the joys of Air Guitar competitions. The Cape is a sentient piece of fabric often mistaken for Victorian drapery. And HandyMan is an anthropomorphic living hand more interested in getting drunk and name dropping than fighting evil. 

The Super Star League

The city’s premier all-female and female-identified super team! This eclectic group is dedicated to making the world a better place for EVERYONE, and doing it in STYLE. The SSL consists of Miss Manifest - team leader, influencer, and Sparkle Energy producer; Speakerbox - technical genius and master of the sound amplification; Crushotica - strong and tough as hell, she plays hard and fights harder; Bright Idea - electrical energy powers and a thoughtful tone make them essential to any battle; and Lady Quickclock - agile, calculating, and armed with a holo-sword capable of cutting through any situation.

The Excellence

With his rugged mid-North-South-East-Western good looks, The Excellence has skyrocketed to the heights of superhero superstardom in record time. His powers include strength, flight, and patented Vibrello-Tech vibration beams that can shake apart any object large or small. Despite his popularity amongst the general populace, he is in fact a tremendous douchebag harbouring a secret that will upend the worlds of Captain So-So, Mister Maybe, Superiora, The Super Star League and the Super-Losers.

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